7 unique flavours. You can’t buy just one.

  • “Beer Chipotle is the best mustard I have ever tasted!”
    Beer Chipotle
    Pairs well with: BBQ meats, cheese sauces, starchy vegetables
  • “I grew up on French’s, but I adulted on Smak Dab.”
    Canadian Maple
    Pairs well with: old cheddar cheese, salmon, glazed ham.
  • “Thank you for 'flavour bombs' that can be used in SO many different ways.”
    Curry Dijon
    Pairs well with: roasted cauliflower, poultry (chicken), glazed ham.
  • “We put that Honey Horseradish on everything!”
    Honey Horseradish
    Pairs well with: any charcuterie board, grilled cheese sandwich.
  • “Let's be honest: It pairs well with EVERYTHING.”
    Hot & Sweet Dill
    Pairs well with: grilled cheese sandwiches, potato salads, any sauce.
  • “We haven’t tried any others YET because we’re crazy about the Hot Honey Jalapeño!”
    Hot Honey Jalapeño
    Pairs well with: fried eggs, chicken wings, salad dressings.
  • “A non-mustard lover is now addicted to White Wine Herb…”
    White Wine Herb
    Pairs well with: vinaigrettes, summer salads, devilled eggs.
  • Big Taste Bundle

    Flavours Included: Honey Horseradish, Beer Chipotle, Canadian Maple, White Wine Herb, Hot Honey Jalapeno, Curry Dijon, Hot & Sweet Dill

  • Black Variety Pack

    Flavours Included: Beer Chipotle, Curry Dijon, Honey Horseradish, Hot & Sweet Dill

  • White Variety Pack

    Flavours included: Honey Horseradish, Hot Honey Jalapeño, Canadian Maple, White Wine Herb


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These are not your average mustards.

A spoonful of Smak Dab transforms your fave recipes into gourmet dishes.